Warrantied Services

EMS is confident in its services and will stand behind our work for 1 year and under special conditions up to 5 years dependent on the services. EMS has also set up strategic relationships with manufacturers to service their roofs under warranty.

EMS Maintenance Programs

The EMS approach uses time tested methods and web based communication technology to provide the most efficient services.

EMS Roof Maintenance Program

3 Phase Program

Roof Maintenance Program Phases

Phase 1 – Inventory All Roofs

Phase 2 – Perform Roof Work – Current Year

Phase 3 – Schedule Comprehensive Repairs and Reroofs for Annual Roofing Program

Maintenance Services

Inspection and Housekeeping

EMS will inspect and report the condition of your roof, remove trash and clear drainage systems.

Maintenance Repairs

EMS will reseal as needed all roof penetrations, skylights, pipes, vents and flashings, including localized defects in the existing roof surface membrane.

Warranty/ Guarantee Management

EMS will inspect and report on your roof warranty issues to make sure you are covered.

Roof History and Condition Information

EMS can maintain all roof history and condition information on the EMS Website.

Restoration Services

Metal Roof Restoration

EMS believes metal roofs can be maintained well beyond their standard service life using proper restoration materials.

Single-ply Roof Restoration

Single-ply roofs can be restored without expensive roof replacement to last much longer.

Coated Built-up, Modified Bitumen and Spray Foam Roofs

Coatings are a maintenance items and need to be recoated and restored for roof to last.

Repair Services

Emergency Leak Service

EMS resources allow for national responses, 24 hours, 7 days, rain or shine.

Leak Repairs

EMS finds leaks and repairs them right. We document our work and warranty it.

Comprehensive Repairs

When multiple problems need to be dealt with EMS will repair them using nationally recognized and manufacturer approved repair methods.

Warranty/Guarantee Repairs

EMS is approved by numerous roofing manufacturers to repair their warrantied or guaranteed roofs.


EMS can repair leaks caused by water infiltration through equipment.